Last night we got to pregame for The FMX Freakfest with Butcher Babies and they did not disappoint one bit!

We started off with Sybot and Sindel to set the tone for the show until Butcher Babies took the stage. The high energy of Butcher Babies was non stop as they threw down for 90 minutes.

Now what was really cool was after the show the entire band went to the merch table, met and took pictures with every fan that wanted to meet them FREE OF CHARGE.

It was really cool to see the entire band take that much time to hang out with their fans. Heidi Shepherd even came to the front bar and hung out all night until they bailed for bus call.

We had a blast with Butcher Babies as we pregamed it for The FMX Freakfest, which goes down tomorrow night (Oct. 21) with FFDP, Volbeat, Hellyeah and Nothing More.