Let me go over this one more time: If you buy a ticket for a show, for anybody other than the headliners, you can LEGALLY end up disappointed.  Anyways, why would you buy a ticket for thirty minutes of an eight hour festival? At issue this time is the little dub step after party at the FMX Bash.  The d.j.s got into a fight over equipment and THEY walked the show.  We can't make them perform.  They won't get paid and they won't get rebooked.  Of all of the costs associated with the bash, probably less than twenty five cents was associated with costs for the dubstep function.  If you're really mad, drop by the radio station and I'll give you twenty-five cents.  More after the jump.


We make every effort to keep the promoters and tours "honest" and make sure everything happens.  If you saw the Korn posters, the d.j.s names were on there, the intent was for them to play.  This was no giant 'bait and switch' or attempt to ruin your night.

Let's look at this upcoming "Trespass America" festival.  When you buy a ticket, you are buying a ticket for the "Trespass America" festival, you are not buying tickets for Trivium, Pop Evil, God Forbid or even Killswitch Engage.  This festival is headlined by Five Finger Death Punch, and legally, that's all that has to show up.  Now no one in Five Finger or the other bands want to disappoint you, but sh!t happens.  There's like six bands on that bill, that means about 24-30 people who could have a death in the family, get sick or just up and quit one of the bands.  It's simple-the more bands, the more chances something will go wrong.

So, if you paid the ticket charge just for one small part of a festival, I'm sorry and I'm telling you-DON'T EVER DO IT AGAIN.  If you've got $50 to see a dubstep artist, use $40 to drive somewhere they are headlining and ten to get in.    The same goes for anyone on the undercard of Trespass America.  Chances are near 100% that eveyone will show up, but if you're going to see "Battlecross", don't.  Go somewhere where Battlecross is headlining.  Also, I seriously doubt you hard core dubstep fans even like FMX, so please go complain on the artists websites-if there was a screwing, it was BY THEM.  I would also say that you're going to see a lot more of this with these dubstep shows.  The same thing happened when rap broke all of a sudden.  The artists have no real idea of what it takes to do the day to day touring and keeping up with equipment and venues and such, since they have no real basis or learning curve to lean on.  A lot of these artists will fall out and then there will be a few you can count on.

How about we just agree that 'you don't dance at our rock shows and we won't rock at your dance shows"?

4/20 and 4/21 will go down as the most epic weekend of rock in Lubbock ever, even bigger than the Firecracker Five (those bands all ended up big, but weren't that big at the time). At this point, its time for the few of you who are acting crappyabout the dance party to move on, or take it out on your artists.

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