Emily Bergmann, a woman from Canada recently purchased a massive Beef Tenderloin for only $1.64 CAD ($1.30 USD). How did she manage that? Was it done with hardcore couponing? Or maybe something was wrong with the cut? Nope.

It was simply marked incorrectly. As seen on the tenderloins label in Bergmann’s video she posted on TikTok, it goes for $40.99 per kilogram in Canada, which is around $19 per pound in the United States. With such a large cut of meat, it would have been quite expensive. So how come it was labeled as less than $2? Well, somehow the piece of beef was labeled as only 0.04 kilograms or 0.08 pounds.

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Obviously, something went wrong when weighing the cut, but no one caught the mistake before putting it out on the floor. You would expect the cashier to question this and go have the meat re-weighed before selling it, but that's not the case with Costco. They understand that they will make mistakes sometimes, so they always honor the price on the label if something is marked under price like this.

Bergmann’s video has gained over 3 million views along with very mixed reactions. Many commenters are happy for her to snag such a great deal, while others are upset by it. One commenter, who Bergmann responded to in a follow-up video, claimed that she stole the meat and that karma will get her.

Her response is that she does believe it was karma, but not of the same kind. She thinks it was good karma coming back around from the difficult things and hard work she has gone through recently. She also reminded the commenter that she did in fact pay for the tenderloin, and Costco marking the product incorrectly does not make her a thief.

I think it was a crazy coincidence that this happened, and it is amazing that she was able to find it and share her experience with the world. I also think that anyone who has a problem with it is just jealous that it didn’t happen to them.

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