Everyone's family has a preference for Sam's Club versus Costco. I'm proud to say that I grew up in a Costco family. I could spend hours walking around the warehouse checking out all the new goodies they have in stock. However, sometimes I don't have the time to walk around the entire store to find the new additions.

That's where the Texas-based influencer Costco Hot Finds comes in handy.

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Costco Hot Finds has a TikTok account dedicated to finding all the new Costco finds so you don’t have to. Costco is constantly rotating its stock and providing new products and the store is massive, making it overwhelming to find all the new additions each week. Costco Hot Finds post daily with all the new goodies, sales, and returning items that she finds, and even posts weekly recaps of the best finds of that week.

They post everything from new clothes, appliances, food and more so you know what is going on in the store without actually stepping foot inside. Of course, stock will vary from store to store, but you can usually find all the same grocery products at each location. The only thing that tends to vary is what larger appliances and home goods they have in the warehouse.

For example, she showed off a Samsung fridge and a greenhouse that are both in the warehouse that she goes to in Dallas, but they're not currently on the floor at the location in Lubbock.

It's also great to keep in mind that Costco has many items that are available for delivery through their website that may not currently be on the floor at your preferred location.

If you want to stay up to date with all of Costco Hot Finds' adventures, you can follow them on TikTok or Instagram. Keep in mind that the account isn't affiliated with Costco, but are affiliated with some of the brands sold there, so you may see some promotions on their social media.

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