I think sometimes those of us that live in Lubbock either forget, or just don't realize what a cool place the Raching Heritage Center of Texas Tech is, and especially how awesome their holiday programs can be.Tonight was the first night of the annual Christmas celebration Candlelight at the Ranch.

For those of you who have never been to the Ranching Heritage Center it is a museum with actual houses moved to the site from various locations (places that date back to 1700's).

That in itself is pretty cool, but at christmas they decorate a lot of the buildings in "period" fashion and have people dressed in period costumes doing activites that might have taken place during that time period.

I know it sounds a little nerdy but guys,  suggest to your girl that y'all go check it out tomorrow night, bundle up, walk around and check out the sights, have a cup of hot chocolate, write a letter to santa (be sure to include the crap women like to hear) and get a bag of hot kettle corn and then thank your stars that you didn't live in the 1700's before heat, indoor plumbing and cable tv.

Check out these pictures from the first night then get out to 3121 4th Street Saturday night between 6 and 9 p.m.