Remember back in 1991 when Rodney King was beaten by Los Angeles police after "running" from them after a night of watching basketball and drinking with friends? During an interview about the incident and the officers aquittle King urged the public not to react and uttered the now famous lines, "can't we all just get along..." Seems those words didn't reach the ears of everyone in this world. 

Have you ever noticed how there are people in this world that can find "controversy" in EVERY situation in life?

These are the people that judge a person for wearing white after Labor Day, or make remarks about a person using their salad fork to eat their main course.


Well "those" people are at it again, apparently Madonna should have checked with "them" before deciding to close out HER "big game" halftime show with "Like a Prayer," and Gisele Bundchen should have gotten the ok from "that group" prior to defending her husband to a heckler after the Patriots loss last night.

This kind of crap really gets under my skin because these people are the same one's who would be having a fit if Madonna had not performed "Like a Prayer," and would be jumping all over Gisele if she had not defended her husband.

Seriously people with all the REAL issues in the world today and y'all decide to whine about pointless *hit like this?

To you all I say GET A LIFE!

Rant over....

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