In New York, a teenager bought a used car. Days later, he took the car back to the dealership to complain that the iPhone dock wasn't working. Not only was it not charging his phone, it was scratching up the screen of his phone whenever he tried to put it in.

Upon investigation, the guys at the dealership discovered that the youth's car didn't have a malfunctioning iPhone dock. It didn't have an IPhone dock at all.

Here's what they found ...

For those who don't recognize what's going on here, that is a cassette deck. That's right, his used car was so old, it still had a cassette deck. A cassette was a form of music delivery that involved reproducing music on magnetic tape encased in a plastic shell. Cassettes were sold at the "record store."

The kid's iPhone was getting scratched up by the grinding of tape guides and pressure pads from a bygone era.

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