How many times have you been out to dinner with friends, sitting at home with your family, or at a show and caught yourself checking your cell phone to see if you have any new messages, text, email, facebook, or whatever.Well relax and rejoice because studies now show you are not alone, and yet better it may even be an unconscious behavior. In a study in "The Journal Personal and Ubiquitous Computing" (even I could not make up that name, this is real) found that smartphone users were reaching for their phones to check email, text messages, and status updates approximately every 10 minutes with each "check" lasting about 30 seconds (either they had nothing to respond to or they type a hell of a lot faster than I do, I'm just sayin').

The study goes on to say that in an average days users where checking their phones about 34 times just because it had become habit. Obsessive phone checking has now become a sort of addiction (great just what we all need, right?).

After you read this article text, or email the link to everyone you love so you can save them from this addiction and let them know there is help out there for their problem. Then 10 minutes later text them, email them, and put a status update on your facebook to join me and other obessive phne checkers at The Spoon on 50th tomorrow between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. for a rehab of sorts.

We will conduct a quick 12 step like program where we will all share our smartphone addictions by first "checking in" through facebook status updates, texting our friends to join us, and emailing our co-workers who did not slip out early to come and join and giving them our location and asking if they would like us to order them a drink for when they arrive.

That is all for now, I need to post this to the website, then to my facebook, then email a link our to all my friends so they can check it out, and finally send a text to everyone I do not have an email address for so they can get this warning.... man i hope I'm not to late!

On a serious note though guys, put the cell phones down while you're driving, keep

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