How often do most people get a new cell phone? It seems like every other day cell phone providers are introducing another new top of the line, faster phone than the other guy.

I have to admit, I had the same phone for nearly 5 years, and I loved it! It was a basic flip phone, no bells, no whistles, it made calls, and I eventually learned to text on the thing. After a lot of teasing by certain people about my phone I finally made the decision to upgrade to the 21st century and got a new phone.

After a lot of looking, a lot of guiding and a lot of promises of "I promise I will help you learn to use it," I finally decided to upgrade to an Android. Man this thing does it all; at least that's what I am told, I am still trying to figure out all the functions on this thing!

Before I got this phone I always heard people talking about cool apps and wondered what the heck was so great about being able to have a "virtual beer" on your phone?! I mean really what's the point? Then; I discovered the the "market" icon on my phone.... one of these days I will figure out how to change the ringtone on this thing.... right after I finish this level of "Stupid Zombies."

What are some of your favorite apps for your phones?