It’s Hot AF in Lubbock…But How Hot Is It?
The RockShow asked Lubbock residents to tell us just how insanely hot it was outside today, and, as always, their answers were hilarious.
If you have one of your own, be sure to comment below or on our Facebook page. Enjoy!
Everything in Lubbock Stinks Right Now
This is not a post about politics or philosophical stink. This is about real, down-and-dirty stink.
We can not handle rain in the Hub City. We get it so infrequently that when a few real turtle-floaters come along we're not prepared -- and not ready for clean up, either...
Angry Lubbock Folks Lose It Over TV Weather Coverage
Whenever there's a chance of severe weather, Lubbock meteorologists, weather people and others spring into action. They can often appear excited and maybe a little overzealous, but in their hearts, they just want to keep people safe and explain all the things they studied and are geeked-up…
Joyland Closes Due to Insane Flooding
Joyland was drenched in Monday's storms.
I don't know about your neighborhood, but North Lubbock was stomped by Monday night's rainstorms. I personally have never had as much water flood into my front porch and garage area as I did that night...

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