Every ten years or so someone puts out one of those "generational lists".  They says things like, "kids of this generation will never know what cassette tapes are, they think Jay Leno was always the host of the tonight show, they think microwaves have always been around and so on...".  Well for as long as I can remember you got the grocery circular in the paper.   That's about to change.  Read more after the break.

United Supermarkets started infiltrating mailboxes this week with the news that they'll now be sending their stuff right to your mailbox or you'll have to log onto their website and sign up for emails to get their ads.  Who knows if this is just an experiment or the shape of things to come, but it certainly is a new way of doing business.  I have to agree with their decision; a daily newspaper is a waste, and subscribers are at an all-time low.   All that information can be put on websites without eating through trees and people can get just what they want (like the ads, or even just the sports) without all the filler.  Hopefully the newspaper people will try to put a decent product on the internet, but it hasn't happened yet.  So obviously United Supermarkets are looking for more efficient ways to get the word out to their customers and they've decided, at least for the time being, that the daily newspaper isn't it.

If you'd like to sign up for United's "E-ads" you can do it here.