A couple in Cleburne, Texas are accusing an officer of luring their pit bull with "kissing noises" before shooting it 3 times and killing it. Warning: the video contains sensitive content which may not be suited for everyone.

According to My Fox DFW, the alleged shooting, which happened a few months ago, is being brought to light by social media after the officer's body cam video was released.

Officers were dispatched to a neighborhood after reports came in of 3 pit bulls running loose, who had trapped an elderly woman and child in her car. Officers arrived to find the 3 pit bulls. One of the dogs approached the officer and put his front paws on the officer's chest. After it was told to get down, the officer located the other two dogs in a ditch nearby.

In the raw video, which has been edited according to police, you see the officer approach the two pit bulls with his gun drawn. You hear the officer make "kissing noises", calling for the dog. After a few seconds, you hear 3 quick shots from the officer's gun. Then the video ends.

Officer's Body Cam Video

According to the owners, Quinton Tatum and his wife Amanda Henderson, the dog, named Maxiums, died at the scene. The other dog, Coco, ran off but was later retrieved without a leash by an Animal Control officer.

Police are saying that the video doesn't show the whole story, while the owners of the dogs say their dog was lured in by the officer before being shot.

The investigation continues as the Texas Rangers have been brought in to help with the case.

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