The world is a lot smaller than you think it was.  I moved from Spokane Washington back to Lubbock.  Now Coach Leach is headed to Pullman, not far from Spokane.  More after the jump.


Sources are saying it's a "done deal" between Coach Leach and Washington State.  Why Wazzoo?  I guess we'll find out.  Coach Leach currently makes his home in the sunny confines of Key West and it's colder than a well diggers ass in Pullman.  Whereas here in Lubbock the town gets closed when there's some snowflakes, we were expected to be a work after a twofoot snowfall. Pullman Washington is south of Spokane and a tiny town pretty much on the Washington/Idaho border.  It does have really close access to the worlds only floating gold green in Coeur d' Alene Idaho (loved the dog races there).

We're betting a BIG paycheck is attached this one.

Anyways, we'd like to wish the coach luck.  Does anybody know where I can get some Cougars merch?

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