Arizona transfer Colin Schooler has made his presence felt at Texas Tech at times this season. But if you weren't paying attention to him before Saturday's game against Baylor, you certainly are now. Especially after his viral hit of Baylor quarterback Charlie Brewer at the goal line to stop a touchdown over the weekend.

Twitter exploded after the hit, spawning thousands of tweets and quote tweets talking about how incredible the play was. Not just the hit, which was awesome, but where the hit occurred and Schooler's block shedding to get to the hit. With such a dearth of great defensive plays from the school in the last decade, I'm tempted to say this hit is one of the best from a Red Raider in a long time. Maybe since Dwayne Slay exploded the Kansas State quarterback.

After the hit, Texas Tech football did the natural thing. They jumped on the latest TikTok trend, obviously.

Schooler's hit on Brewer is even better with the angles provided in the TikTok, and it's probably what convinced the Big 12 to give Schooler the Newcomer of the Week award. That and his two TFLs, a sack, and double-digit sack totals.

Schooler and the Red Raiders now head into a bye week before playing their two final games of the 2020 season against Oklahoma State and Kansas. One of those matchups is much more winnable than the other.

Schooler joins Zech McPearson, a Penn State transfer, as one of the biggest playmakers on this year's Texas Tech defense. A defense that also includes a Duke Transfer and Texas A&M transfer carving out roles.

Maybe one of those transfers will be the Newcomer of the Week against Oklahoma State after Thanksgiving.

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