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You know, sometimes you don't want to try something until they tell you that you're not supposed to have it. Then, suddenly, you are on a quest to somehow figure out what all the fuss is about. Like meth. I never really wanted to try it until I saw Breaking Bad, and now I'm disappointed when I don't get the cool blue raspberry-flavored stuff. But I'll keep on trying...


No. Not today, Walt.

Although, people in their infinite stupidity are now trying the latest Tik Tok fad, which is cooking chicken, marinated in Nyquil.

Yep. Nyquil.

@mamasissiesays And this is why we aren’t nvited to the BBQ. The FDA is warning people not to season their chicken with Nyquil. #ifounditontwitter #thingsifoundontwitter #satire #politicalhumor #funnytweets #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound - Casey

There's no hope for society, is there?

Admittedly, I never gave the idea is marinating chicken in nighttime cold medicine much thought, until the federales came out and said not to do it.  That makes me sad, because entrepreneurs are always looking for the next big thing and this could potentially be an untapped market in a somewhat saturated chicken restaurant market.

I mean, you add some spices and some killer side dishes, and you've got a new concept in the Lubbock culinary scene:


Dude, with the university crowd here, you can't tell me that this place wouldn't be PACKED! Nitey Night Chicken!

But, we digress. As the legendary educator Dean Vernon Wormer once declared: "NO MORE FUN OF ANY KIND!" Thanks, government nannies. Because of y'all, I can't cook my chicken rare anymore.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to buy some Marvel Mystery Oil to season my cast iron pan...

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