Colossus of Rhodes will bring it this Friday night at Wreckers and they are bringing the heavy-hitters with them. It's kind of a "local band" grand opening for Wreckers and FMX is on the case!

Get a really good "snapshot" of our local scene this Friday night when Colossus of Rhodes headlines a bill that includes Blindfold Charlie (still got my band guys), Another Day Undecided (now featured on the FMX playlist) and another to be announced.  This great lineup runs a measly $5, with an extra $5 at the door if you're a minor.  We'd love to see this become a more regular thing, and may we suggest a Hail To Arms, Kill Or Be Killed co-headling bill, maybe with a little Falling for the End to open?

If this event is done right and a regular basis (without overdoing it) we could make this truly epic.