Now before you get all grouchy with me, let me say this video is meant for humor and when you watch the video of my bro Doug Stapp you will then understand my point. BE WARNED THIS VIDEO HAS SOME NAUGHTY LANGUAGE!

Doug has been a good friend of mine for a long time and his guitar skills are way way way up there on the ladder of guitar skills. I really dig watching him throw down but it was this video where I caught him really showing off and I am sure in all of Doug's humbleness he would say something like "I missed a note on the 3rd sweep from the riff when I should have been tuned to A" or something like that.

You can catch Doug Stapp playing guitar for Departure Plan this Saturday at The Spoon 10pm. DP is a modern cover band with a very impressive set list that includes A Perfect Circle, Pantera, Slipknot, Volbeat, Stone Sour and people that come out to throw down with DP never leave disappointed.

Cheers to my bro Doug Stapp and if he practices just a little more he might get better. So now I guess I will tell you why good guitar players piss me off. It's really simple, I have zero skills on the guitar, so I'm just a hater.