This past Saturday night Departure Plan took the stage to help celebrate Rooster's Birthday and they absolutely delivered what they promised to do.

Departure Plan is rock/metal cover band with a very impressive set list that includes A Perfect Circle, Pantera, Slipknot, Volbeat, Stone Sour and that is just a taste of what they had in store for The Backroom this past Saturday.

Departure Plan took the stage at 10pm and opened the flood gates with "Psychosocial" from Slipknot and then straight into "Swerve City" by Deftones and they never slowed down until it was time for their final song.

To anyone that was there to help me celebrate my birthday and welcome Lubbock's newest cover band Departure Plan, I thank you because I didn't talk to one person that was disappointed with the show or the party!

Departure Plan will be back on March 8th when they throw down at The Office.

A very special thanks to Departure Plan for playing my Birthday, I urge you to check them out for yourself.

Departure Plan is:

Tobin Noble - Vox

Doug Stapp - Guitar

Bubba Nelson - Bass

Shane Collins - Drums