Corey Taylor is among a number of rockers expressing their distaste for cancel culture. In a new conversation with Rolling Stone, he explained that there is urgency for improvement in the world, but that it isn't necessary to protest everything.

"No one can handle anything anymore, which means no one can handle real talk anymore, which means everyone just wants to cancel shit, with no room for improvement," he said.

The Slipknot frontman went on to point out both the left and the right for being at fault for how society handles things now, as well as the media and other prominent figures in the entertainment industry.

"But if you're truly looking for who's really responsible, or more importantly irresponsible, you should probably find the nearest mirror," he insisted.

To clarify, Taylor was not writing off societal issues or implying that change isn't necessary. But what he feels isn't necessary is trying to boycott everything everyone says and does.

"I'm not saying that things shouldn't change in so many different ways. I'm not even going to tell you that you have no right to be passionate on social change," the rocker explained.

"What I'm saying is pick your spots, know what the hell's going on before you go chasing after people with pitchforks for no fucking reason whatsoever. There's so much to be done on so many different things, you don't have to protest everything that someone tries to hoist up the pole as a red flag."

"Be a little smarter in how you swing the hammer, because when everything is a problem, that means everyone is a suspect… including yourselves," he added. "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, to paraphrase. Nobody's perfect. Stop acting like we all should be."

This discussion comes just weeks after Taylor reacted to Gen Z trying to cancel rapper Eminem for certain lyrics in a song he released with Rihanna.

Taylor just recently announced a spring 2021 tour, with guidelines for social distancing in place. Find out more details here.

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