So apparently, everything is offensive now.

As the world reels from the sudden realization that an animated skunk may have engaged in some inappropriate judgment over 60 years ago, all we can do is hope that we not be caught guard again by our lack of awareness and immediately seek out any and all characters that may possibly offend someone. And then, erase them from our past, present, and future. No matter how harmless or beloved these characters may have been at one point, they need to be destroyed and memory-holed.

With that in mind, and to do what we can to save the fragile and easily broken, here is a list of cartoon characters who need to become the latest victims of cancel culture.

(This is clearly just a start and will most certainly be expanded as people rush to an even deeper level of absurdity.)

13 Cartoon Characters That Need to Be Canceled

Pepe Le Pew is just the beginning.

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