It seems that professional fame hound Courtney Stodden couldn’t sink any lower in her never ending quest for your attention. However, it turns out our depth finder just didn’t reach that low.

Mrs. Green Mile guy appears in a new, racy ad for’s iPhone app that we really don’t want to mention or link to, because it would just validate our fear that showing you the ad makes us slutty by osmosis.

It features a couple of “aww shucks” dudes fishing on a barren rock of nothing and they manage to hook a very busty mermaid. This causes one of the guys to proclaim that they’ve just “scored” despite the fact that they have no idea as to how humans and sea creatures mate. She obviously won’t be interested, these guys are under 50.

And before you get all excited as to her level of hotness, keep in mind that she’s still allegedly underage. So this is kind of perverted. You already hit play didn’t you.


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