While most of the world watched a slew of big budget, overly extravagant Super Bowl commercials the good people of North Platte, Nebraska were the fortunate few who got to see Will Ferrell’s hilariously minimalist ‘Old Milwaukee’ ad.

The 35 second ad is as low budget as a Super Bowl commercial can get, but with Will Ferrell sponsoring your product, you don’t really need any of the extra bells and whistles. The small town of North Platte only boasts about 15,000 Super Bowl watching households, but what this ad lacked in game-day viewers, it has more than made for with internet buzz.

The commercial is one of a series of funny ads that Ferrell made for Old Milwaukee. Never seen them? Well, then you don’t live in Iowa. The funnyman agreed to make ads for the beer company for free, provided they were filmed in Davenport, Iowa and only run in that town’s market. Why? Reps for Old Milwaukee claim it’s to pay tribute to the small towns that provide our nation with tasty suds. Or maybe Ferrell just really likes cornfields.

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