It may be a good idea to check your hotel room out from top to bottom the next time you take a trip somewhere.

TikToker @erinvabney allegedly discovered that the peephole in her hotel room door, which is meant for someone inside the room to look out, was actually installed backward, giving anyone in the hallway a look directly into her hotel room.

I've traveled alone as a woman and I always find myself checking bathrooms for holes and scoping out the vents in my bedroom just in case someone might be watching from the other side. I've seen way too many scary movies and true crime TV shows to be completely oblivious to the idea that someone could have sinister sneaky plans to watch you in your hotel room. However, I've never thought about looking into the peephole from the outside just in case.

The TikTok video has now been viewed well over 1 million times and it's a bit unsettling. Check it out below:

The woman allegedly discovered this peephole in a hotel in Las Vegas, somewhere I actually just traveled to last month, which kind of gives me the creeps. It's definitely possible that it was installed incorrectly by accident, and I will continue to hope that's the case.

Be safe out there, ladies -- and gentlemen, too. Women are not the only people who fall victim to sexual predators. Make sure you take a good look at your surroundings before bedding down for the night in a place you've never been before. You never know who might be watching.


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