The Hub City does very much excel in some areas and we're going to celebrate those right now.

The Hub City Does Medical Really Well

I feel like Lubbock really doesn't know how good it's got it with University Medical Center and Covenant Medical Center. Let's also not forgot the other medical facilities, specialists and others that keep us a destination for top-notch medical treatment.

The Hub City Supports Its Farmers Really Well

Yes, most of the farmers have been pushed outside city limits, into the county and, in some cases, into nearby towns. None of that has diminished the respect and admiration we have for our farmers around these parts.

The Hub City Supports Basketball Really Well

This is a recent development, but the difference between basketball and football is everything. With football we have people sitting on their hands until their hands go numb, then they leave the game early and go get dinner. Basketball fans around here the past two years have been intense and insane.

The Hub City Supports New Restaurants Really Well

Any restaurant worth its beans is going to get its doors knocked off for anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months in Lubbock. If the place has all the right elements it will succeed, if it's not ready or has some other flaws, they'll be gone before you know it. That "just getting our feet under us" or "give us another try" doesn't work. Come out ready and the Hub City will support you.

The Hub City Handles Economic Turbulence Really Well

This one is a bit more tricky to explain, but our own Lubbock Economic Development Alliance has actually called Lubbock "recession-proof." There's something about the economy here that makes here a little less turbulent. It could be any number of factors, but we just don't seem to have the wild ups and downs that many places experience


The Hub City Rocks Really Well

You probably knew I was going to include this. Cities the size of Lubbock and some that are much larger don't even have a rock station. In Lubbock, the rockers have pushed 94.5 FMX radio to no. 1 status. It's not just us either. From metal club shows to "adopting" certain bands and showing up for concerts just to feel the power, Lubbock has always rocked (for at least the last 41 years).

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