My brother lead vocalist of III Nino, Cristian Machado took some time and called into The Wrecking Yard to talk about our troops and how they can see III Nino for free and about how much their fans mean to them.

III Nino are on tour and will have 3 Texas dates which Military are welcomed to come and see them for absolutely free. In age in rock and roll and metal you hear about a lot of bands that are out spoken about what is going on in the world we live in and what not but it is very cool to know that there are bands like III Nino and Five Finger Death Punch that support our troops 100% and do their part by honoring our military.

Cristian Machado and I have been very good friends and I always look forward to not only seeing III Nino live but hanging out with some of the best group of dudes in all of heavy music.

In this interview Cristian talks about their new video "Forgive Me Father" which was filmed in Chicago, IL and they had asked their fans to come out and be part of the video. We also talk about what III Nino fans mean them as well as when myself and Danielle took III Nino to see Metalachi here in Lubbock.

III Nino will be in Texas on September 28th at The Scout Bar in Houston, September 29th at the Tequila Rock Bar in San Antonio and October 1st at Trees in Dallas.

Checkout my interview with Cristian Machado lead vocalist of III Nino.


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