It's a nerdgasm!  This June D.C. comics pairs up their two biggest icons for a new series of comic books. Believe it or not, D.C. comics didn't call me, because I don't like the idea.  More after the jump.


I have never really been a big comic book fan.  When I was tiny White Chocolate I liked to read Archie because those bumps in Betty and Veronica's sweaters looked really fun to me.  Later in my teen years I started digging the "Conan The Barbarian" comics.  That's about the extent of my comic book appearance.  Now, since I am a famous loudmouth who's not afraid to share an opinion, I don't like Superman appearing in any comic universe with any other superhero.  I don't much like any super hero's teaming up because in a world with one superhero, there's not much need for any others.  Think about the incredible Avengers movie; even though they made the teamwork happen, didn't Hulk pretty much take care of everything?

So if Superman existed, why would you need Batman?  I guess he would be a bit player taking care of local nonsense why Superman dealt with big problems, but that's about it.  Of course in the comic books, there's always some reason why Superman gets weakened by kryptonite or is staring at his own wiener on another planet or something.  I guess that makes Batman the girl from the temp agency that fills in for Superman when he's out.  I know why D.C. is doing it; they're trying to keep Superman relevant because he seems like he should be the character everybody should love while flawed characters like Batman and Iron Man are far more relatable.

While combing through YouTube videos for a picture of the two together I found a clip where the first thing that happens is Batman flipping Superman.  How am I supposed to believe that Superman is super if he can get thrown by a normal human?  I'd like to hear from some of you comic book fans, do you like it when superheros team up?  Is it possible for Superman to exit in another superheros "universe".  How the hell could Batman whoop Superman's butt without kryptonite?  Most importantly, isn't Iron Man really the best superhero?