Yeah, we've been through this before, and I'm planning on dying on this hill.

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Yes, we've all heard the old line of bullcrap: "Spring forward. Fall back."

Twice a year, we go through a time-honored ritual of needing to reset the clocks on all of our non-internet connected devices, such as microwaves, VCRs (editor's note: OK, Boomer), car stereos, all because of this fallacy that we really, seriously need more daylight in the afternoon during the summer so that farmers and ranchers can work later into the day.



Lately, there's been a movement to do away with the concept of changing the clocks altogether, and keeping Daylight Savings Time year-round. Those people who support this are affectionately known as..."idiots." I'm not for changing the clocks or keeping year-round Daylight Savings Time'. Rather, my idea is getting rid of the concept altogether. Set them back in the fall, and just keep it that way.

Here in West Texas, the concept of full-time Daylight Saving Time is a bit problematic. Mostly due to geography.

We're really close to the edge of the Central Time Zone, which is pretty darned big. It is the same time here in Lubbock as it is in Pensacola, Florida, except for the fact that they are also 20 years behind us culturally (better beaches, though). In contrast, El Paso is an hour behind us on Mountain Time. In summer, the sun doesn't set in Lubbock until 9 p.m. It's also 7,000 degrees outside, so the idea of having more daylight for outdoor work is pointless.

Personally, I have no problem with a 5:45 a.m. sunrise and 8 p.m. sunset in the summer. Get that work done early, and stay out of the heat. This is why Lubbock needs to be that oasis of sanity when it comes to time management.

Of course, our friends in New Mexico may not agree since they'd have a 4:45 a.m. sunrise and 7 p.m. sunset. But...screw New Mexico. It's their cross to bear for living there. That's why we still need to build that wall between Texas and the Land of Enhancement.

You can see our point, especially when it comes to life here in Lubbock and West Texas. Arizona and Hawaii have the right idea, as do some counties in Indiana.


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