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Dear Taco Villa,

When I heard you had switched to heart-shaped chips, I knew I had to "taste the love" for myself. But what we have is so much deeper than delicious, salty, and crispy chips- as wonderful as they are. We go way back, you and I.

Look, I know I wasn't technically you're first. You opened in 1968 in Odessa, but I'm not jealous. You grew, expanded, and realized yourself. You made a home with me, and I embraced you with loving arms. You may have "relationships" with Amarillo, Midland/ Odessa, and even some places in New Mexico, but we both know what we have is truly special. A love for the ages. We've become synonymous, you and I, and people think of us as a unit.

I have accomplished plenty without you, per se. I'm also known for prairie dogs, Chiltons, Texas Tech, and the occasional haboob (nobody's perfect) but what do people miss the most when they leave me? A bean burrito from you. When they return to me (they always do) they ask to see you first. And only after satisfying that craving do they remember what else I have to offer.

Renee Raven
Renee Raven


We've been together for over 50 years- we've celebrated a golden anniversary. And yet you are still finding cute ways to show me that you care. Truly, I am touched. The chips are very endearing- and delicious.

My people have grown up with you. They ate high school lunches in your booths. Had first jobs with you. Caught up with family and friends with you. Ate ravenously after big games with you. You fed and nourished them. In return they watched you reinvent yourself multiple times, and yet remain essentially the same. Thank you for loving them as I do.

Here's to many, many more years together.

Much Love,



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