About 3 weeks ago I took a little vacation to Pennsylvania to hang out with my Aunt and Uncle.

While we were over there my boyfriend and I wanted to go to a New York Yankees Game and what better time to go then during this trip plus they were play the Texas Rangers.

My Aunt and Uncle live in Towanda, Pennsylvania and the drive to New York is about 3 hours. So of course, we had bought tickets a month before we left for our vacation.

I knew New York was crazy with traffic but I didn’t expect have the stuff we saw, but just going to a Yankee’s game was just an experience in itself.

My boyfriend is a huge Yankee’s fan and I love the Rangers, so when we went to the game I supported my boyfriend by wearing New York Yankee’s, but all while I cheered for Nelly Cruz (I love him), so it pretty much worked out!

It was pretty amazing to just be in Yankee stadium…so now I think my boyfriend and I want to make it a yearly thing where were go to a New York Yankee game.

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