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In spite of COVID-19 concerns, Midland's Bush Convention Center is hosting Permian Basin Comic Con X, beginning today (September 11th, 2020) and continuing through the weekend.

I've had the pleasure of working with these folks before in other cities, but I still can't help but raise a bit of an instinctual eyebrow. I love conventions, but they are hug-y, love-y and all about talking to and meeting new people. And 2020, in its infinite monstrosity, canceled most of that.

When you go to the website, the first thing you see after the logo is a massive block of text stating COVID-19 rules and precautions. I'm really hoping these measures make a difference. Here's the thing: somebody has to go first. And I'm hoping they do an outstanding job so the rest of us get to go back to con life.

Here's what the organizers are doing to keep folks safe:

  • Face coverings are REQUIRED. You must always have your mouth and nose fully covered during the convention. This includes the use of masks and face shields. Removal of mask or improper application will result in badge removal.

  • If you are not well or feel sick do not attend the event. Temperature will be taken at the door. We are currently working with all our guests to provide signings that can be picked up after hours.

  • Our floor plan has been completely altered to allow at least 1ft space between vendors and larger walkways with one-way traffic flow. Our team will monitor large groups and manage traffic throughout the venue.

  • Please only group with those that have come to the event with you. Social distancing is a must.

  • This year we will be lowing capacity to 25% of the maximum volume. With over 30,000 sqft this should supply our attendees with ample room to move through the convention center and apply social distancing measures.

  • In order to maintain social distancing and still allow our attendees to view panels, all panels will be broadcast live. Live signing settings will be set up for attendees that cannot make the event.

  • Sanitation stations will be placed throughout the entire building, easily accessible and we recommend using them as often as you deem necessary.

  • The Bush Convention Center will be disinfecting the building at the end of each day with electrostatic sprayers.

If you feel reassured by this list and want to go check it out, the convention goes on until Sunday. 

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