We sure had a big beautiful moon last night/this a.m. You probably didn't know it but that was a "Full Wolf Moon".

Man Wearing Werewolf Mask to Bed
Photo: Fuse

Now the Full Wolf Moon is called that due to its ability to turn normal men into flesh hungry canine-like animals. Wait...that's not right, gimmee just a second.

Okay, no, the Full Wolf Moon was called that because at this time of the year the wolves would howl at the edge of the Native American villages (presumably because they were cold and/or hungry, or maybe just because it sounded cool to them).

A big bright first full moon like that is said to be a good thing, meaning rain and a big harvest is on the way.

Our next full moon will be February which is known as the Full Snow Moon or Full Hunger Moon. It will happen on February 10th.

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