Earlier this year, there were a lot of reports in the press that when some of Disney’s older movies appeared on their new Disney+ streaming service they would be edited to remove some of the more culturally and racially insensitive material. The most prominent example was the original animated version of Dumbo, which features a group of crows who display stereotypical characteristics of African Americans. Supposedly when Dumbo showed up on Disney+, the crows would be gone.

But Disney+ is here, Dumbo is on it, and so are the crows. Instead, Dumbo and certain older titles like it and Peter Pan include a disclaimer as part of their plot synopsis. It reads “This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.” You can see it on Dumbo’s Disney+ page below:


The disclaimer isn’t on all of Disney’s movies; it’s missing from The Reluctant Dragon even though that film includes at least one scene with extremely dated Asian stereotypes. And Disney didn’t include every film it has produced on Disney+. The infamous Song of the Southlong regarded the company’s most racist film, has been kept out of the public eye for decades, and it’s nowhere to be found on Disney+.

Given the rumors that these movies would be edited for Disney+, the choice to instead post (most of) them in full with a content warning is interesting. A little additional context could have been nice, perhaps even as a special feature — every film on Disney+ has an “EXTRAS” section you can see above where deleted scenes, trailers, and other such supplements are included — so that viewers could watch to enhance their understanding of these films and their eras. But I think it’s better than nothing — and better than truncating the films without explanation.

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