A house that the dark side would love to own.

So you're the ultimate 'Star Wars' fan you say? Well, looks like you need to make the trip over to Houston. A home just went on the market this past week, that apparantly has been catching people's eyes for decades. The house was built in 1992 and has been dubbed the 'Darth Vader' house in Houston.

It is currently on the market for 4.3 million dollars. Yeah, that's definitely out of my price range, but if I hit the lottery this week, I could place a bid. The home to me looks nothing like the outside. Yeah, the outside looks like Darth Vader's helmet. The inside looks like what you expect a home going for 4.3 million dollars to look like.

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The outside looks like someone is really into 'Star Wars' or gothic architecture. All in all, it's a cool house that someone with way much more money than me can go ball out it. I would totally ruin this house with all my tacky 'Star Mars' merch.

Oh signed Boba Fett head in the living room. Oh my Denny's Han Solo card collection framed on the wall. Is all of this stuff currently hanging on the wall in my current home? Yes it is. I'm a super nerd and don't need your judgement.

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