It was no secret that the late guitarist Dimebag Darrell loved to have a good time and make people laugh. Check out this video of Dime calling the phone to come and make a house visit set up another line in his house, Dime starts messing with him a bit and when Dime looks for a Fiver, yup he is left hanging by THE PHONE MAN! 

The video continues on with Dime continuing to mess THE PHONE MAN, while he is on the phone and trying to do work.

When our heroes, loved ones, brothers are taken from us way to early, all we are left with are stories of the legacy and influence they left for for us and without these stories and the memories they gave us, they would just fade away and be forgotten. Today we honor we honor their memory, not by sadness, but the memories we have of them and just by sharing stories or videos there could be someone else that is just discovering Dimebag Darrell and hearing him for the first time and I think that is pretty cool.


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