Three Dog Bakery in Lubbock is celebrating its 6th anniversary, and we have a special giveaway in honor of this momentous occasion.

How would you like to take your doggie on a full-on date? You can enjoy treats, shop for clothes and accessories and generally make it your dog's best day ever.

We're teaming with Three Dog Bakery to pass along a $100 gift card to the store. With that kind of loot, you can get downright indulgent with your pet. It's going to be tough to decide what to get, but I'm guessing your pooch would love a box of the most amazing looking, delectable and delicious treats.

You might want to step in however and get them hooked up with a new leash or a fun toy. This might even be a great opportunity for you to try them on a new dog food in case you have concerns about their weight or well-being.

Angie and the staff at Three Dog Bakery will help you and your dog make the choices that best fit your dog's best day ever. If your dog has simple tastes, Three Dog Bakery has plenty of choices in that wheelhouse, too.

No matter what you choose, this doggie date will be one of the best days ever for you and your dog. Enter now for your chance at a one hundred dollar gift card from Three Dog Bakery. We'll draw for the winner the morning of March 3rd, 2021. Good luck!

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