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I have totally had THOSE neighbors. People who leave huge messes of large waste in the alley. I've had to deal with mattresses, couches, and even whole broken window panes before. It's dirty and dangerous and a really rude way to treat the people around you. It attracts rodents and bugs to all the neighboring houses. It's more than an eyesore: it's a hazard to everyone who has to deal with it.

As a bonafide Millennial person, calling anyone on the telephone is like pulling my teeth, and I especially hate having to "tattle" on someone for code enforcement issues. I get that it can be hard to get to the dump, but many neighborhoods offer clean up days and other options to help folks deal with their large waste. And if your item is in good, reusable shape, there are thrift stores that offer pickup services.

Luckily there is now another option for folks to report these types of messes to waste management and code enforcement. The City of Lubbock has launched an app, making no phone call necessary. From Keep Lubbock Beautiful's Facebook page:

Wednesday Waste Wisdom: Taking a stroll to empty your trash an run across this before? Yikes! Who you gonna call? Well, Solid Waste Services or Code Enforcement, but did you know you do not have to call anymore?
Lubbock, Texas - Your City Government

has introduced to the city, the MyLBK app! What is this? It is an awesome app you can download to your Apple product or Android and submit a request right there on the spot!

Drop a map marker or even include a picture like the one here to help you communicate what is happening in your neighborhood! Check out the links below, and make use of this easy to use resource for Solid Waste, Codes, Animal Services and more.
•Google Play download: www.mylubbock.info/mylbk-google

Lubbock is our home, and we should endeavor to keep it beautiful, clean, and safe.

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