This is for all the single women out there who find themselves having to endure another conversation with a guy looking at her chest rather than her face. Hopefully, this handy guide will help you ladies weed out guys you may not be interested in, even before a first date.

I'm told you girls can already tell a great deal about a man simply by the type of car he drives, the type of girl he dates, but, did you know you can also tell something's about the kind of guy he is by the size of boobs he likes.

Believe it or not there have been actual studies done to determine things about a man (like his financial situation) based solely on the size of a woman's breast.

Based on the study, I am poor, hungry, and a sexist; but on the up side Woody's chances of having breast cancer are really low.

Try not to stare as you check out the full story here


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