Texas takes "revenge porn" seriously. Good.

In case you are unaware of exactly what revenge porn is, this is the definition:

revealing or sexually explicit images or videos of a person posted on the internet, typically by a former sexual partner, without the consent of the subject and in order to cause them distress or embarrassment.

Texas Penal Code 21.16. defines what "revenge porn" is under Texas law. It is a state jail felony and victims are permitted to sue those who commit this crime against them.

Recently, a Texas woman won a $1.2 Billion dollar settlement against the man who did this to her. "Jane Doe" may never see much of that amount from Marques Jamal Jackson, but at least she gets some financial and moral justice from the ordeal.

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

Beginning in 2020, the pair had a drawn-out breakup that officially ended in October 2021. During that time, Jackson took non-consensual photos and videos of Doe's intimate moments. He then used her mother's social media logins to post these images and videos to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Dropbox. He also stole money from her bank account. Sounds like a real winner.

He sent links to the victim's friends, family, and colleagues and even contacted her directly from various fake phone numbers.

In a pathetic attempt to ruin her life, he ruined his own. I hope that this case will serve as a lesson. Like Doe's attorney said, "Do not mess with Texas, and do not mess with Texas women."

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