On the table for dissection today a meme featuring a small Asian girl.

This meme is actually a somewhat passive-aggressive but actually aggressive slam on Black and Native American issues.  I choose not to include the meme because I don't want some idiot to not use common sense and pass it around.  Instead, I'll set the stage for you.  First off, there are two versions, one that's a full meme, then there's an amended version to try to make it seem more logical.

The amended meme features an Asian girl playing in the sand on the because and in bold letters on top it says, "SHE OWES US AN APOLOGY FOR PEARL HARBOR".  Then on the bottom in a more conversational style it says, "You know what. At first, I looked at this and said WHAT!?!? But it's a great point. IT'S RIDICULOUS to blame anyone alive today for slavery, stolen lands from the 1800's, or any other crime from hundreds of years ago.  IT'S JUST PLAIN STUPID TO BLAME THE INNOCENT.  (I followed all of its capitalizations and punctuations as written)

So, I'm sure you've seen this meme or the other one that features a caucasian girl on top saying "Making her apologize for slavery" then an Asian girl on the bottom saying "Is like making her apologize for Pearl Harbor".

I hate it when people try to use logic that falls apart so easily but just in case there's a dunderhead out there that believes this nonsense, let's tear this apart.

*Let's start off with, who is asking anyone to apologize? I'm sure there may be some folks out there behaving in this way, but almost all of these race issues have been about getting equal, not getting an apology, revenge, or ahead.

*Next up, it's a false comparison. One was an act of war and the other was the enslavement of humans from 1619 to 1865, in other words, over 200 years.

*This country was built with slave labor and that's why it's often called our "original sin". Many people still own land, businesses that were built by fortunes accrued with the work of slaves. This is probably the most important point and only the extremists want reparations, most just want recognition of what happened and how, in some small form, still in play today.

*Let's also recognize that our Native Americans are called out on this, and yes, we are living on land that in one shape or form was stolen from them. Is there anyone unclear on this?

*I wish you cared about the deaths at Pearl Harbor.  It was a horrifying, tragic moment in our history, but a quick look says many people are dying of coronavirus

and no one passing along this meme seems too appalled at that.

*One last thing racists.  How do you know the girl is Japanese? The girls in the pictures are Asian and could be Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or Vietnamese.

This meme is a low logic, low I.Q. racist attempt to further divide people and should be trashed immediately.


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5 Platinum Records at the FMX Studio




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