Many residents who do not live in the East Lubbock area were wondering if the "East Lubbock Water Wars" would once again make headlines like last year when bodycam footage from a Lubbock Police officer gave the event negative attention.

The story about a neighborhood full of hoodlums launching water balloons and firing water guns at a police office until an officer finally became frustrated which prompted a response from the Police Chief, Greg Stevens,

Several LPD officers responded to calls from good people... as they faced a difficult circumstance with numerous people acting poorly and unruly towards residents and motorists. Most of those involved were respectful of the officers and cooperated fully. Unfortunately, a small number of individuals failed to cooperate...

The good news is that this year coordinators for the event were forward thinking in the approach and included police and fire officials in the planning process according to the story on Images of children playing with water balloons and water-guns should bring a smile to any face, but when the image also includes adults in uniform enjoying the activities it should make any cold heart melt.

Lubbock Police along with Lubbock Fire Rescue were in on the action and even allowed some of the children to use the fire hose to douse their friends.


Kudos to the folks who planned this years event. Lubbock residents should be happy to know that these type of things can happen without it turning into a negative nightmare. Kids in our community will be better for the efforts put forth by the adults in this scenario and we can't wait until next year to see another successful day of Water Wars in East Lubbock!!

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