Lubbock is the land of a thousand restaurants, but there's always room for more- with the right idea. And right execution, of course.

Today (7/7/2023) there's an open house for a ready-to-work restaurant that previously fielded ideas for the space. They simply asked which restaurants could use a second location- but received over 400 comments. Some were restaurants we'd like to see expand, or food trucks that could use a brick-and-mortar, but even more exciting were the fantastic and creative ideas for new concepts in Lubbock.

Let's look at some of my favorites, and we'll look at today's open house as well.

Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash
Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

1. Whisky Bar (suggested by E. Farley)

A dedicated whisky bar is a fantastic idea. The culture around whisky is fascinating. This very "American" spirit originated in Scotland in the 1400s but became the drink of choice of the early American settlers. Even George Washington had a distillery. Good whisky is complex- with one sip taking you on a journey through flavor profiles that may be Floral, Woody, Fruity, and more.

2. English Pub (also suggested by E. Farley!)

I am incredibly into this idea. Imagine chowing down on a shepherd's pie or a delicious meaty stew with a large frosty glass of ale. Name it a Ye Olde English Pub name like "The Hog's Head" or "The Crown and the Unicorn" and this is a concept that could really thrive.

3. Homemade Cafeteria Style (suggested by D. Johnson) 

I have great news for this person, as this is totally happening at another location soon.

4. Bring Back Gardskis! (suggested by K. Irwin)

Or at least those Bloody Marys. Yum. Gardski's was a unique and special place that is very missed by many, myself included.

5. Rotating Chefs/ Pop-Up (suggested by J Elizondo)

This is a very fun and very modern idea. It would take an excellent coordinator to pull off, but if done well it could be the coolest place in town.

6. German (suggested by J. Elmendorph) 

Hard agree on this one. Good German food is some of the most satisfying food on the planet. Schnitzel, wurst, pickled vegetables and giant pretzels? Yes, please. Pair it with a German bakery and I'll gain 50 pounds.

7. Vegetarian-friendly/ Lots of Fresh Fruits & Veggies (R. Martin) 

Sometimes you really want something more nutritious and fresh. And as a former vegetarian myself, it's a pain to order at many restaurants. You would not believe how many non-meat dishes actually have chicken stock, etc. in them.

And the most requested suggestion was to simply bring back Hub City Wings to the location.

Want to see this place for yourself? It's at 417 Frankford:

We will be holding an OPEN HOUSE on Friday, July 7th from 2 PM to 6 PM. Please email me at or send me a DM if you would like to schedule someone on Thursday afternoon or Friday outside of these times.

Best of luck to this location, whatever it becomes.

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