I've said it once and I am about to say it again, football as we know it has become more about money and politics than about the game. This classless move by the owner of the Pittsburgh Power  proves my point!The AFL players are set to go on strike this year before the season begins, so Pittsburgh's owner Matt Shaner invited his players out to a little pregame meal at The Olive Garden just hours before they were to play a game against the Orlando Predators where he took advantage of having his team all gathered in one place a the same time, and then, he fired them.

Seems Shaner wanted to beat the players to punch and get to them before they could go on strike.

Reports are that as he was delivering the "you're fired" speech the players all got up mid sentence and left him there talking to himself.

The sad thing is these guys do not make the big salaries the guys in the NFL are pulling down, infact they make about $400.00 PER GAME, that's it!

The union was asking for a 300% increase and owners only wanted to give them $100.00 more per game, so the line had been drawn in the sand to strike.

I have one question, what the HELL is going on in Pittsburgh with their football programs?!