Imagine Johnny Depp's pirate as a vampire. Yep, that's about it. But isn't that about all you need? Sure the vamp is a bit more prissy and gothic than boisterous and drunk, but you still get the idea. Dark Shadows was an unintentionally campy soap opera about a vampire, a witch and his family. Tim Burton has taken these basic elements and forged what looks like an excellent comedy along the lines of Beetlejuice meets Edward Scissorhands. More after the jump.

Dark Shadows also stars the absolutely stunning, former "Bond Girl" Eva Green. Green recently starred in the excellent t.v. adaption of "Camelot", quit often partially nude (and FREAKING AMAZING).  Also in the cast are "Hit Girl" Chloe Moretz and Alice Cooper does a guest star turn as himself.  This look like a fun movie to me.  Check it out: