I love the lady in this film. Her name is Vera Farmiga and she plays Norman Bates mother in the t.v. series "Bates Motel". There is just an underlying creepiness that this lady brings to each of her roles. She obviously has a good agent too, she has six movies coming out. If you get a chance, catch up with "Bates Motel" on demand. It's a pretty good show and they're doing a great job of develping the Norman Bates character. More after the jump.


Where do I get a job as a paranormal investigator?  It seems like a lot of people have made a buck giving 'demons' a good shoo-shooing.  This story is the tale of two investigators and their most intense case ever.  I don't know if it's supposed to be based on a 'true' story or not, but it looks like it will be a pretty good horror film.  There's lots of flying kids, demons and spooky stuff.  Check out the trailer for "The Conjuring" now:

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