My best memories of Lubbock came about 1979-1980.

Image by PublicDomainImages from Pixabay and Image by Sergei Tokmakov, Esq. https://Terms.Law from Pixabay
Image by PublicDomainImages from Pixabay and Image by Sergei Tokmakov, Esq. https://Terms.Law from Pixabay

So about those "best times ever". It's not that I haven't had awesome times, met hundreds of rock stars and have an amazing family, but there something special about that time when you are escaping the confines of your parents house, and a small town, and visiting the Hub City.

The world was a different place back then, and truth be told, other than some music hotspots, Lubbock wasn't even that great. At the time the Hub was still dealing with ridiculous blue laws and it was most certainly a "cowboy town". Still, as someone who was living in Brownfield, Texas (after moving from Southern California) it was pretty darn close to civilization.

We indeed made every major show booked at The Rox and more than a few at Fat Dawgs. We were able to watch the punk rock revolution up close, catching the likes of The Clash, The Cramps, and 999 as they rose hell through the bible belt.

As for the off nights, they were spent at a pizza place on University Avenue. I cannot identify the precise location, but I believe it was located near Bar P.M. I can also not 100% recall the name of the place either, but I think it was "Pasta's Pizza". I can tell you that sometime in the 80's it became a clothing store named "Henry's".

So what was so special about this place? First off it had three floors. Pizza was at ground level, the upper floor featured pool tables and arcade games, and the basement hosted some amazing local talent. So was the pizza that great? Well, when you're 18 (that's what the drinking age was then) and you're having hot cheesy pizza with a cold beer while playing pool waiting on a band to come on in the basement,  far away from your crappy little hometown, it's just about the best pizza ever.

Post-Apocalyptic AI Images of Lubbock Kind of Just Look Like Lubbock Today...

Some portions of Lubbock, Texas look like the the end of the world has already happened... Somebody tell me these don't look WAY too familiar, especially if you've driven down Avenue Q recently...

Gallery Credit: Chrissy

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