You have to remember that when the first "Evil Dead" movie came out, people really thought that seeing it would warp your mind forever.  It was actually thought to be that scary.   "Evil Dead 2" was actually kind of a remake of 1, but with more comedic undertones.  "Evil Dead 3" is better known as "Army Of Darkness" and almost goes exclusively for dark laughs.  So, what about the new "Evil Dead".  More after the jump.


I am a fan of the series.  I had all three movies on VHS, with two copies of 2 and three copies of Army Of Darkness, which is pretty much my favorite movie of all time.  I then replaced all of those tapes with DVD's and STILL can't turn away from any of the movies if one happens to be playing on a movie channel. So there's my background and if any body was going to feel "let down" by a remake, it's me. I wasn't let down at all.  In fact, I'm very pumped about this remake. So let's talk about the film...and this will have no spoilers in it.

The new Evil Dead is SCARY and it is BLOODY.  The mood of the film will be you on your heels and there are jump scares, gross outs and surprises galore.  The film only follows a few basics that the first films set out.  Friends go to a cabin, one reads the book of the dead, the dead get pissed.  Yeah there's chainsaws and severed limbs and a demon/girl in the basement, but this is a whole new story.  This story is not really a retelling of the original story, but rather what would happen if a different group showed up to the same cabin.  It's like this; have you ever thought that they could film "The Walking Dead" from a million other perspectives?  They could tell the story or a whole different group on the other side of the country or even have shows like "Walking Dead: Hawaii".  That's how this "Evil Dead" relates to the other.

This film can be VERY hard to watch if gore freaks you out.  It was done with all practical effects instead of digital effects.  Using old school movie magic makes everything seem much more real than most stuff you see.  We talked to the lead actress this past week and they really buried her alive.  They really put a tube around her face and in the back of her throat for projectile vomiting.  Her scene post trauma in the woods are the things that nightmares are made of.  There's a few scenes where weapons graze skin and you can almost feel the cuts.  I could go on and on, but I don't want to spoil anything.

Now, if you've never seen the original movies, you don't need to "catch up" or anything.  This is a complete front-to-back story that requires no prior knowledge going in.  If you are a SUPERFAN like me, wait until after the credits.  There is a three second moment that had us screaming and clapping in the movie theater.

I give "Evil Dead" five "Nightmares" out of five.  Horror movies don't get any better than this.  It was the number one movie at the box office this weekend and it deserved the honor!

Here's the RED BAND trailer and it's GORY!

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