If you have plans to be in New York City on December 2nd or December 17th, get in the Christmas spirit and check out the 2011 version of a "Twisted Christmas".

Dee Snider says if you would have told him thirty years ago that Twisted Sister would be blowing out Christmas tunes, he "would have punched you in the nose." Guitarist J.J. French adds "it's the perfect way to blow your Christmas bonus." 

This twisted celebration started back in 2006 with the release of "A Twisted Christmas" and has turned into a full blown hoilday blowout; French says the show is so popular, "that even atheists love it!"  

The December 2nd show happens at the Paramount Theater in Huntington, New York, followed by the December 17th show at the Best Buy Theater in New York City. 

Now see why I wear mistletoe on my belt buckle, while you check out the video...