Korn is currently rocking with Slipknot on the Prepare for Hell tour. We caught up with frontman Jonathan Davis for this exclusive interview about the tour, Korn's legacy and how their stage show differs from Slipknot's.

On playing with Slipknot

Davis: We really wanted to do something different, you know, because we're going to be playing before Slipknot. Their vibe looks like hell on stage, it's fire and it's dark. We wanted to do something that was totally the opposite, that was just about bringing the party. Let's have a good time, let's wild out. For me that's what music is, it's my escape, it's everything and I want to have fun and I try to throw that on the crowd. It was amazing.

On touring

Davis: We got a lot of wisdom, a lot of years on the road and stuff. It's really cool to be able to do this for so long, and it shows in our shows. We've had a lot of practice and we're in a really good state.

On creating the ultimate set list for the 'Prepare to Hell' tour

Davis: We put a set together, but it didn't hit me until the first show we played, it was really a banging set. I'm not going to lie: I was kind of nervous to open up for Slipknot, because they're this really, really extreme metal band. I didn't know how those guys were going to take it. But it's been nothing but love out here from their fans and the Korn fans that come out. It feels really good to see a rock show just wild out that crazy. It's been a long time since I've seen that. Shows are getting worse and worse, so to be able to see that is a special treat for us and it just shows in our performance how much fun we're having up there because the crowd is so insane.

On Korn rocking for 20 years

Davis: It's an amazing feeling to see little kids out there, seeing young people in their 20s that were listening to us when they were nine and seeing the old-school fans that were there with us from the beginning. It's spanned over two generations already, and there's more coming. That's what any artist would want is for your music to transcend generations. I just feel really blessed, I feel really good that our music has helped so many people. It seems like this band has become something more than just music, it's an outlet for people to come on out and get their frustrations out, have a good time and forget everything. It's a trip that it's been this long and we're still doing it.

On inspiring musicians and fans

Davis: I think that's just what I was put on this planet to do. I mean, when I first started writing my lyrics for the first Korn record I had no idea I was going to touch so many people , I thought I was alone in the world going through all this sh*t. And this was my way to deal with it. When the first album came out and things slowly grew and grew over all the rest of the records, I was like, 'wow, this is really helping people.' And I don't try to think about, you know, 'oh, I need to write these lyrics.' I keep that out of my mind and just try to stay real and just focus on what's going on in my life when I write. We're all human, we all have feelings, we're all going to have great times, we're going to have bad times. It seems like the bad times are what inspires me to write the lyrics in Korn. But it's just awesome, I just love seeing these people come up and just feel so much better that our music has helped them through horrible times. And I know about horrible times.