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I love Halloween just as much as the next guy. Costumes? Booze? Candy? Deal.

My favorite part of the season is the sudden influx in horror and suspense films available to stream. Whether it's Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime or you stealing-crap-from-random-pirate websites (heathens!), there are tons of different kinds of spooky movies during the month of October to binge watch on your chosen platform.

The coronavirus kind of wrecked Halloween in many ways, but you can still snuggle up with your favorite blanket (or person) and put on some great flicks to get you through the scary night.

The following films are in no particular order. I don’t want one of them to be jealous of the other and come after me. I have chosen these nine because they incited some really creepy feelings in me the first time I saw them that I simply cannot get over. The old ones still hold up pretty well, especially if you aren't using an HDTV. I hate those, but that's a discussion for another day.

Happy Halloween, guys.

Must-Watch Streaming Horror Movies

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