Feel free to disagree with me. This person deserved to get their ass beat.

Nothing is better than a late night Whataburger run. In fact for me, it's 99% of my Whataburger meals. I wait til after 11 pm, that way I can get those delicious taquitos. By the way Whataburger, if you served breakfast 24/7, you would be the perfect restaurant. That is my only complaint on you guys.

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I think we can all agree, Whataburger is definitely a late night stop after a fun night out. However, a lot of people also think this and sometimes you have to wait for your food. That line can sometimes wrap around the building. We all know that it's worth the wait. Since we live in an orderly society, we all know the rules for the drive thru. Single file, no cuts, and wait your turn.


Someone in Wichita Falls thought they were more important than everyone else and decided to cut the drive thru line at the Whataburger off Maurine Street. Obviously, the folks working at Whataburger have no control over this. What the hell were you thinking cutting in line?!

Hell if you don't want to wait, order on the app and go wait in the pickup line. They will literally bring the food to your vehicle. So am I shocked that this happened in Wichita Falls? No, nothing shocks me in this town anymore. Blue Skies, Golden Opportunities, and home to the drive thru line skippers. Come on Wichita Falls, do better.

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